Our Samurai Investing Strategy

The Samurai investing strategy is to seek out investments with the potential for long-term growth and to diversify our portfolio across multiple asset classes. We focus on the macroeconomic trend and the fundamentals of the companies we invest in, rather than short-term price changes.

We believe that diversifying our investments allows us to reduce the risk of loss and maximize our returns over the long-term. We recommend buying and holding stocks for at least 10 years using the dollar cost averaging strategy.

For all the stocks and funds we recommend, we are also investing our own money for the long term.

Let’s talk about stock market fluctuation.

The stock market fluctuates, sometimes it increases, other times it decreases. The stock market loses value one every 6 years. However, over 10-15 years period, the stock market rises and makes money for investors!

Why? This is because short-term instability is often dwarfed by major accomplishments.

It is hence important to invest in such a way that will allow you to ride through these short term instabilities while taking advantage for long term growth.

How to invest the Samurai Way?

  1. Dollar Cost Averaging – you need to take emotions out of investing and buy-in at periodic periods. As we know the stock market fluctuates in the short term, by using DCA, you may sometimes purchase more shares as the low period and purchase less at the high periods. Overall, when the market recovers and grow, you’ll eventually own more shares.
  2. Invest regularly – having cash available to invest means being able to add new shares to your portfolio without having to sell other shares. Investing from every paycheck can create a huge snowball effect in the long run. Eventually, everything snowballs and your investment portfolio will increase in size and momentum.
  3. Hold through market volatility – Most new investors typically sell when the stock market loses value. However we know, from historic data, when the stock market lose 30-40%, it is likely to recover within the next 2-3 years. In fact, when the stock market loses in value, you should purchase more as you are buying at a cheaper price. When the stock market recovers 50-60% the next year and the following years, you make a large amount of money. As the stock market have more good years than bad years, in the long term 10-15 year period, you’ll still make more money!
  4. Invest in future trends – As you are investing in the long term, we always want to invest in future trends. These refer to companies that are likely to explode in the year 10-15 years. In fact, trend investing is one of the key strategies used by BlackRock (the largest investment firm in the world) and Temasek holdings (Singapore’s largest sovereign wealth fund).

We believe that when you follow our strategy, you set yourself up for financial freedom. Let the companies do the work for you while you make money with us, calmly using a proven system over your lifetime!

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